Sunday, May 10, 2015

What Do You Do On Mother's Day If Your Mom Totally Sucks?

Isn't it always a challenge to look through the beautiful, lacy and mushy cards when you're standing there thinking that your mother has never really been there for you when you needed her?  This is always the case for me.

I have long been envious of that mother-daughter bond, someone to talk to about how special women are in God's Kingdom, a shoulder to cry on with that first broken heart, someone to do your makeup for your wedding, to bring you a personal gift when you're having a bad day, someone's arms to jump into when you find out your pregnant for the very first time or to hold you when you learn your baby is dying inside your womb.  I have had to settle for surrogate mothers who were this person for me and to be that person for other little girls.

Still, there is a broken place in my heart that I wish my mother could have filled for me.  I honor the positive qualities about her and the moments I feel she really tries.  I also recognize that I can always turn to my God, because he also has a maternal side.

Today I challenge you, if you have her in your life, hold her close and tell her just how much she means to you, and even if you don't, model who you wish she would have been for you to someone else.  I truly become disheartened by the lack of closeness and the criticalness I feel from her, and still I pray that I can be the daughter God has called me to be.

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