Saturday, May 2, 2015

Menstrual Cups, What?

I have been reading a lot about menstrual cups being the latest trend for catching menstrual flow.  Apparently, because they are similar to a condom in their chemical makeup, they are much more biodegradable to the environment than tampons or pads.  For that, I applaud the invention.  However, all I can say is these things look like we are regressing back to Victorian times.

I applaud the She Hulks out there who can put these things in and get the perfect fit, without any leakage, and to be able to carry out their normal day.  I personally can't even bring myself to put in a contact lens.  Some of them have this thing projecting off of them that looks like it would saw you to pieces.  I can just imagine how awkward and messy it would be to pull the thing back down for cleaning.

Sometimes I laugh to myself and wonder, "do men know half of what we deal with in just the course of one day?"


  1. Short answer, no. We usually balk at having to buy feminine hygiene products... like we're worried someone will think we use 'em. I flourish them around when I pick them up for my wife..."Yep, that's right. I have sex with a woman!"

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