Friday, May 8, 2015

The Day My Husband Gifted Me With A Woman Cave

My husband and I worked long and hard to purchase our home.  It's not a mansion.  It's not a new home.  But, it's ours.  We purchased this home from sweat, tears, and faith together, and it is loaned to us from God.  Moments after our home became "ours," my husband and son started about creating their man cave.

They hung various memorabilia from all of their favorite sports teams, put in an air hockey table and a popcorn machine.  They have their video games and comfortable furniture.  It's a wonderful space for male bonding between the two of them, and I feel blessed that they often invite me into their space and we share some lovely times as a family down there.

One of my most treasured memories of coming into this home is when my husband looked at me and told me that I deserved a "woman cave."  As women, we so often consider the needs and wants of others that our selves get lost in the process.  How wonderful it was that my husband honored me in that way.  My woman cave is full of romance, an oil painting of a carriage ride my husband and I shared around Savannah, Mardi Gras colors from our family vacation to New Orleans, and Scripture and gifts from Christian friends who have helped protect my heart.

My woman cave is a place where I cry out to my God and study His Word, where I pour out my heart onto paper, where I craft and where I work.  It is a private place of refuge for me where I can either close my door or welcome my loved ones in.  The spaces in our home are so precious to me because they display who we are as individuals and the respect and love we have for one another; At the same time, they represent our vows in our family unity.

It is important for every human to have a sacred space.

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