Friday, May 8, 2015

I Bought A Nerf Gun Because Murder Is Illegal

Some things you just can't un-see.  For me this is Kate Upton in that sleazy Hardees commercial.  I knew there was a reason I wretched every time I saw the woman on that horseback Game of Thrones commercial-yep same person, though I have to say her cleavage was less than impressive on the latter.  As the wife of a man I love dearly who also happens to be a pornography addict, I deeply resent this woman because of what she perpetuates onto all women, not to mention the degradation she apparently doesn't realize she brings to herself.

My husband tells me she is just a victim too, and with that I must agree, unfortunately she is suffering as she makes her next bank deposit while I am being sexually harassed by these images every few minutes through my tv screen.  It wells up in me a rage that is almost uncontainable.  I kept processing ways I could release this beast within me.  So, I decided to buy a Nerf Gun.

I was enamoured by the commercials of the "Nerf Purse" originally and had fantasies of strolling along in my stilettos and mini purse when some misogynist assaulted me with some red-neck slur and BAM-blast him with my Nerf bullets.  However, in strolling the toy aisle at my friendly Walmart, I noticed that there were no Nerf purses in stock (imagine that), but I did find a much larger lavender Nerf blaster.  

Because I am a nice person, I haven't been able to bring myself to shoot at any targets of actual people faces (including the aforementioned model).  I realize that this is a societal problem, and it will take all of society to make change.  Nonetheless, I did have a great time playing commando in the yard with my husband and son.  But, to my chagrin, their guns shot harder and farther.  I should have known.  

What are some creative ways that help you feel empowered?

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