Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just Me and My Freshette

Well, Go Girl has a much better name, but I can't imagine that any of the Female Urinary Devices/Directors that I have read about or tried could match my Freshette.  Like most FUDs, it is a funnel concept, but it is made of a very comfortable plastic, is thin (but not too thin) with minimal chances for spillage.  You can also get it in camouflage and avoid the whole pink is the only color women like insult.

My favorite part about the Freshette is that it comes with a five inch tube so that you can pop it in through your fly, pull your underwear to the side to place it, and you pee straight out your fly without undressing or showing yourself off at all.  In that respect, I think this device allows for an even better advantage than the penis for males, because they still have to expose themselves when they pee at the urinal.  And, because your pee shoots out of the tube, you can direct it away from your body and get pretty good distance!

There are two main drawbacks that I see to this device.  One is that it took me a bit to figure out how to hold "my tube" just right so that my stream would flow out straight without shooting off to one direction or the other.  However, with that being said, I have learned through this process that it's not quite as easy urinating like a man as we females often times perceive.  There is the making sure you're close enough to catch the dribbles concern, the holding it straight enough and far enough down so it doesn't spray everywhere concern, and finally the shaking the end of the tube enough so that the dribbles don't drip down your leg or stain your pants.  My husband assures me that this is very similar to male urination.  He is even gracious enough to do my laundry when I have a mishap.

The second draw back is the bag for the device.  It has a full explanation of what is inside and what it is for.  That's not private in any way.  And, over time, if you aren't in a spot where you can rinse, the bag becomes pretty rank.  The name Freshette becomes a bit ironic.

Two major cautions with this device: Make sure you spread your legs so that you don't have any spillage, and lean forward at the end so you KNOW that all of the urine has flowed out of the trough.  Otherwise, you will need to find an extra change of clothes pronto.

 I have found that my confidence has soared since I bought this little puppy, as silly as it sounds, but such a small thing in our culture really does have such a tremendous impact on females.  (Little girls can use this device too, dads!!!)  I'm working myself up to using this in public restrooms and on camping trips; I'm trying to prepare myself for the possible insults or freaked-outedness I'm sure will follow.  Best wishes on your new freedom, ladies!

I would love to hear your stories!

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