Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stand Up and Pee To Be Counted

If they will admit it, most women resent not being able to stand up to pee.  The very nature of the societal norm for women to lower herself to a toilet, or if she's lucky enough to be in company who isn't embarrassed by her "copping a squat," is sexist.  There is no reason a man couldn't sit down to urinate.  Once again, to have a penis, means to have power, even in our modern society, or maybe especially in our modern society.  The infrastructure around us supports this distorted idea.  Why do men need their own special toilets (urinals) that are not found in womens' restrooms?  I remember feeling so dejected as a kid because I had to use the uncool, generic bathroom.
I am against public urination, but I am even more offended when boys or men pee in front of girls or women who don't feel like they can pee right alongside them.  It feels as if some guys do it because the female is present.  Some boys or men use potty humor to publicly shame females.  There is nothing worse than to be laughed at if you're already feeling less than.
Females encounter many obstacles with just trying to relieve themselves.  Most men don't realize that public restrooms for women are much worse than what they encounter.  I have stood in line for an hour.  I have gone into stalls where someone has apparently been afraid to even hover and peed a lake right onto the floor, visited a toilet that had menstrual blood slung across the seat, and come eyes-to-breasts (while changing clothes) with a pre-teen boy whose mother found it acceptable to allow him to use the lady's room.  I have gotten a rash from getting too far in the weeds so cars couldn't see everything I've got.  For all these reasons and I'm sure more if I thought more about it, I am an avid supporter and user of a Female Urinary Device.
My FUD allows me to unzip, pee through my fly, and avoid all of the aforementioned obstacles all the while gaining a new sense of freedom and self-respect.  In my research, I have learned that some women prefer the all naturale route of spreading their labia and peeing through their fly in very much the same way as a male would.  And, I am delighted that some women have even determined that because of their shorter urethras, they can pee much further than most men-you know that distance contest we were always jealous of as kids, ladies?
The bottom line is that all of the jokes and debasing of girls and women because they have different anatomy is cruel and wrong.  And, it needs to stop.  So, girls and ladies, stand up and pee if you want to.  It'll make you feel better; I promise.


  1. I for one have never understood the reasoning behind women being frowned upon for urinating in public... seems to me that, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Cool that they have developed devices for women to relieve themselves like that.

  2. I think many men are simply not aware of the struggle since they have never experienced it. I notice a great deal more empathy toward the needs of females when men become the father of daughters. But, they are still left with 'what do I do about this?' I'm hoping my blog can bring light not only to the problem but to the solutions. It's amazing how such a trivial thing as standing up to pee can give girls a wonderful sense of equality and inner confidence.