Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cancer Below The Belt

You are never prepared to hear that you have cancer, even if you may suspect it.  Despite many years of menstrual irregularities and pain that date back to my adolescence, I went for regular checkups with no indication of a serious problem or need to run any tests or perform any procedures.  Then, fertility became an issue and the miscarriage of one child.  This was all handled as a "normal" course of events until I was told four months ago that I was entering into uterine cancer.  Suddenly, it became a crisis.  My uterus and tubes were yanked through my abdomen and I was then, again, told to be about my merry way.  Until, I developed a life-threatening blood clot in my groin that extended the entire length of my leg.  I was rushed (after seven hours in the emergency room) to a hospital bed so that the hospitalist could "watch me closely."  I found that quite ironic as I was hooked to no monitoring devices whatsoever and turned out promptly the next morning.  Now I'm considered "recovered" because the swelling and pain in my leg have decreased.  There is nothing about my mental state that has recovered from my frustration of this travesty of gynecological care that is happening in our country.  How did I get to this place of ending my child-bearing years and left with grief and the passion to make change that is going unrecognized in the medical community?  I trust the Spirit of the Great Physician to guide a multiple layer of recovery I need and the wisdom to know how I can be a part of helping prevent other women from suffering in the same way.

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