Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Her Vagina Is Enough

From the time they are in their mothers' wombs, little girls are defined by their lack of a penis.  You may have seen an ultrasound where the penis of a male child has been circled with a bright red marker, shown off proudly to inquiring friends and family members by parents everywhere.  Little girls carry this message with them like a millstone around their necks from the time they are old enough to think about how to define themselves as a human being.  The foundation they build from is that they are lacking, they are not enough in their very design, nor can they ever be.  Many girls feel betrayed by their source of existence, their God.

It is not uncommon to see a little boy publicly masturbate or stop playing outside just long enough to pee on a nearby tree.  Parents laugh it off as "boys will be boys."  But, when a little girl attempts to touch herself or, Heaven forbid, lower her panties to urinate outdoors, these same parents are completely mortified and look to punish the girl.  I have seen so many little girls wince in pain or walk around shamefully with urine-soaked shorts because their parents forced them to hold it until they got to an "appropriate" restroom facility.  The message this sends is that girls do not have the same rights as boys and are not capable enough to even complete a basic bodily function without getting grief for it. It also results in some nasty urinary tract infections.   Oh, and the little girls who attempt the freedom of standing to pee, if their parents were anything like mine, got the beating of their life (by the way, by my mother).  While my brothers stood next to my father on the bank of the fishing pond relieving themselves, I stood watching, awaiting the explosion of my bladder.  

Many good guys secretly, or not so secretly, hope for a male child when they become fathers.  Little girls  might as well be aliens, because while we teach our girls not to learn about or discuss their female genitalia, grown men know even less about them.  They fear changing diapers because someone might accuse them of molesting their own daughter.  They don't want to be seen playing dress-up, because after all, doing anything "like a girl" is just about the worst put-down any man can receive.  Once again, little girls receive the message very early on in life that they are not as good as a male child, and some feel downright unwanted.  Some are openly told a male child was preferred over them.  Friends, we are killing the spirits of our little girls, and these messages we send to them damage females at a soul-level and keep males in bondage to the lies of Satan.  This puts their souls in jeopardy as well.

From the beginning, none of this was so.  The Truth is that God made woman as an image-bearer of Himself just as important and special to Him as was Adam, only displaying different and unique traits of Himself.  Our problems with gender equality really began in The Beginning, when Eve was striving to be more by plucking that apple, flaunting it over Adam, and in turn causing him to well up inside himself the desire to conquer Eve.  Satan loves nothing more than to see the demise of Eve, the beautiful, finishing touch of God's Creation.  Out of these lies, women and men join as co-conspirators with Satan and turn from their life-giving partnership to behaviors that stink of death.  It is from this basic belief, that a little girl's genitalia is not good enough, that pandemics such as pornography have been created.


  1. Very true! Women are being subjected to gross discrimination on a daily basis and the effect is being felt throughout our society. Nicely said!

    1. Dan, I sincerely appreciate your interest in and support of my plight to help girls and women feel empowered and that you recognize what a serious problem this has become. It's men like you who make all the difference. Thank you, sir.

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